The Blueprint

Self Actualization Requires Creation Mentality

June 01, 2023 Angela Blaha Season 1 Episode 12
The Blueprint
Self Actualization Requires Creation Mentality
Show Notes

The update for the new earth Blueprint is there is Freedom in the Universal field - the possibilities are endless as to what can be created.  Are you taking advantage of this energy or are you hanging out in the old you.

I have found that self actualization requires living purposefully, intensely healing the past, profoundly seeking the future and being present as often as possible.  Having the courage and power to transform oneself is no easy feat and it does require help along the way.  

What I find so interesting about self mastery is the process of dying.  Leaving the old you behind, releasing from all beliefs, all actions, all emotions, some people in order to discover the new you.  

Self-actualization doesn’t mean you have to physically die, but walking out of your old ways does.  

3 steps to self -actualization

  1.  Leave the matrix - what you are suppose to do, suppose to be.  Instead challenge yourself, see your shadows and face them.
  2. Decide - to be authentic, unique, free, accept yourself.  The show Survivor had some of the most powerful authentic people I have ever seen.  They made a decision to be their natural selves.
  3. Self-examination - integrate the conscious and unconsciousness. Understand your individual psyche and embody wholeness.  

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